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Farxiga for Managing Type 2 Diabetes.
Farxiga is one of the essential medicines in health care as it helps control a range of severe health disorders, including type 2 diabetes and certain types of heart failure. Learn more by reading on.

Farxiga for Managing Type 2 Diabetes

Out of 37 million Americans that have been diagnosed with diabetes, 90% to 95% have type 2. If properly managed, this condition has little influence on a person’s life. Farxiga is one of those medicines that can be helpful with keeping your disease under control, thus preventing it from development and exacerbation.

Farxiga is a medication you can buy by prescription only. Therefore, a consultation with your healthcare provider is the first thing you should do before you start treatment with this preparation. They will weigh the benefits-risks ratio to evaluate the potential effectiveness of the therapy. In case the benefits prevail, you shouldn’t delay purchasing Farxiga in our online pharmacy.

Reasons to Take Farxiga. How Can It Help?

If you hesitate whether this drug will be useful for your health, some explanation what it is and how it works might be helpful.The active substance in Farxiga is called dapagliflozin. This preparation removes the excess sugar from the blood to the urine so it can leave the body naturally. As far as its mechanism of action, Farxiga is intended for people dealing with diabetes type 2. Usually, it should be used in a complex with healthy eating habits and exercising for better results.

However, your healthcare provider may also recommend treatment with this medication if you have significant cardiovascular risk related to arterial hypertension, smoking, or high cholesterol combined with high blood sugar. Farxiga helps the prevention of kidney function decline and organ failure.

This preparation is also effective for reducing the risks of mortality in people who got to the hospital with a certain type of heart failure, as well as those with chronic kidney disease and heart failure combination.

Some Pieces of Advice on How to Take Farxiga

Farxiga comes in several dosages. To determine which one will best fit your medical condition, contact your doctor for advice. Please, don’t choose the dosing without consulting a healthcare specialist as this may result in low effectiveness of the drug or vice versa, triggerring the development of severe adverse reactions related to excessive dosages of the medication.

As for the general recommendations on the drug use, they are the following:
- Take the pills with or without food. A meal doesn’t alter the efficacy of the medication.
- Ingest a pill once daily, preferably in the morning.
- To sustain the levels of the active substance in the body fluids, take the tablets at the same time daily.
- Don’t change the dosage, and don’t take the drug more often than recommended without consulting your healthcare provider.
- Monitor your blood sugar regularly, as this is essential for adapting the drug dose to your needs.
- Don’t miss your meals, and stay hydrated. Otherwise, you risk developing high ketone levels (ketoacidosis) or going through an excessive drop in your blood glucose levels.
The duration of the therapy is determined individually based on the results of your blood and urine tests and overall health condition. You shouldn’t give up treatment unless this is what your doctor recommends to you. Otherwise, you risk your symptoms coming back, and the disease growing more severe.

Know Farxiga Contraindications

While this drug may fit you relying on your diagnosis, there is a chance that you shouldn’t take it for safety reasons. Like any other medication, Farxiga has some contraindications for use, which means your risks of developing severe adverse reactions to the medication are much higher than normal.

You may find out if you can take this drug by visiting your GP. Among the contraindications to the use of Farxiga, there are:
- known hypersensitivity to any of the components of the medication;
- severe kidney disease requiring dialysis;
- low blood pressure;
- dehydration;
- vaginal or penile yeast infection in medical history;
- alcoholism.

The intake of Farxiga may be considered in the first trimester of pregnancy only. Therefore, it is contraindicated in pregnant patients. You shouldn’t get treatment with this drug during lactation as the drug passes into breast milk and will negatively affect the baby.Checking with your GP regarding the concomitant use of Farxiga with other drugs is essential to prevent any hazardous drug interactions. Any medicines that may have an influence on your blood sugar levels should be used with caution when on Farxiga. Special attention is required for patients on diuretics as they are at a high risk of dehydration.

What Unwanted Reactions You May Face When on Farxiga?

The unwanted reactions inevitably happen to a certain percentage of people taking Farxiga. Some of them are more common, and some are rare. Anyway, you should know about all the possible troubles you may face to know how to react to the symptoms properly.

The most often reported adverse reactions related to the treatment with this drug include:
- genital mycotic infections (in female patients);
- urinary tract infections;
- nasopharyngitis;
- rapid weight loss;
- tiredness;
- frequent urination;
- dizziness, and others.

Severe symptoms can show through swelling of the legs and reduced amounts of urine that you pass, trouble breathing, nausea, abdominal pain, and fatigue. Any of these manifestations is a reason to contact your doctor and seek medical attention.

Summing up

Farxiga is an effective treatment for people living with diabetes. The drug helps to sustain your health condition within the range of a norm and allows living a better quality of life. Despite the possible unwanted reactions, it is still worth using this medication if your doctor considers it necessary.
Our online pharmacy, on its part, will do everything possible for you to receive your medication within the shortest terms and at the best price.

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